News of Syria – World star George Clooney abandons his role in the series “Catch 22”


You are watching Syria News – World Star George Clooney abandons his role in “Catch 22” Paris News Date: Tuesday, April 17,

PARIS – The Oscar-winning Hollywood star, #George Clooney , To award the starring role in his upcoming television series “Catch-22”, from his production and production, to the American actor Kyle Chandler, to do instead, with the aim of focusing on his production and production tasks in the series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the six-episode series follows the American novelist Joseph Heller’s historical American novel, which tells the life of military captain John Yusarian in the US Army Air Force, whose role is played by American actor Christopher Abbott. According to the network “24” UAE, most of the events come successively while the squadron “256 fantasy” on the island of “Pianosa” in the Mediterranean in western Italy, and the novel deals with the experience of Yossarian and other pilots in the camp, and focused on their attempts to retain their rationality to meet the requirements of service requirements And duties, so that they can return home. Representative Chandler embodies the character of “Cathcart,” the commanding officer who continues to send Yossarian on military missions, a very serious character.

It was supposed to be the return of George Clooney again on television, after his series “E” (1994-2009), which has earned him fame. Holo’s online entertainment platform will also take over the rights of the show “Catch-22,” said Amy Powell, president of Paramount Telefgen Studios, which produces the series. Follow Germany’s most up-to-date news and information via: Germany News aus Deutschland News Rate

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