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NHL Finals: Montreal – Tampa Bay: Will Tatar have a name at the Stanley Cup?

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28.6.2021 21:00

In the NHL final in the fight for the Stanley Cup, two teams that have a Slovak hockey player in their ranks will meet again. Fans from below the Tatras can look forward to it, because they are sure that the name of the Slovak will be added to the legendary cup again.

A year ago, the Dallas Stars met with the Andrej Seker a Tampa Bay Lightning s Erik Černák, Tampa rejoiced in the victory. She is in the finals again after a year. This time, however, Montreal Canadiens s Tomas Tatar.

While last season we were able to watch the mutual fights of two Slovak hockey players, this time we will probably not be so lucky. Černák is a stable part of the team, in the playoffs he missed only two matches due to injury.

However, Tatar only watches Montreal matches from the stands. He played the first five duels of the first round against Toronto, since then the coach has not included him on the roster. The team is doing well, it has advanced to the finals and it is questionable whether the Slovak striker will get a chance in it.

Erik Černák

Source: SITA

The right question for fans is, will they ever get the Stanley Cup if Montreal wins? In order for a player to have his name engraved on a famous trophy, he must meet at least one of two conditions. Either play 41 matches in the basic part or start at least one match in the final series.

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Since 1994, there has also been a rule that allows a team to request that a player who has failed to meet any of the conditions for certain circumstances, such as an injury, be registered for the cup.

Tatar can still meet the second condition and has already met the first. He played 50 duels for Montreal. He would have a name at the Stanley Cup even if he did not reach the final and Montreal managed to beat Tampa.

Tatar has already experienced the same situation in the playoffs. In 2018, he followed the successful journey of the Vegas Golden Knights to the finals, mostly from the stands. In the final against Washington, the coaches gave him the opportunity, in the unfavorable situation 1: 2 for him, he entered the next two matches, which Vegas lost, and thus watched the celebrating Capitals hockey players.

Erik Černák and Tomáš Tatar are not the only Slovaks who have signed contracts with the finalists. Tampa Bay acquired Marián Gáborík at the end of last year. They had problems with the salary ceiling in the club, and since Gáborík has been injured for a long time, his salary does not count there, which solved the financial problems. Although Gáborík has a contract in the NHL, he has not played a single game in the third season. He will definitely not have his name at the Stanley Cup for the second time.

The final for the Stanley Cup starts tonight at 2.00 our time, you will be able to watch the duel ONLINE on ŠPORT.sk

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