Niantic wants to build the ‘real-world metaverse’ after new investment round

Niantic is best known today as the developer of the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. After a new investment round of 300 million dollars, it is making clear its ambitions towards its own metaverse in the ‘real world’.

Niantic has raised its valuation to $9 billion in a new investment round. With the additional $300 million from this round, it aims to build a real-world metaverse. Metaverse is the latest hype word since Meta, Facebook’s parent company, sees it as an absolute priority.

Niantic emphasizes ‘real-world’ in its announcement because the software specialist has been experimenting with augmented reality (AR) for years. Unlike Facebook that wants to build the metaverse itself, Niantic wants to provide building blocks for developers to get started with. Earlier this month, Qualcomm also unveiled an AR development kit called Snapdragon Spaces.

Niantic already has a Lightship AR Developer Kit (ARDK) available today that allows developers to create AR games for free in conjunction with Unity. The extra money from this investment round will undoubtedly come in handy to further expand ARDK and to attract new partners.

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