Nicaragua. Monsignor Rolando Álvarez the bishop who uses WhatsApp to contact his parishioners

La Prensa (Nicaragua).- The WhatsApp number with which Monsignor Rolando Álvarez is sending messages is 8409-1572.

The Bishop of Matagalpa, Monsignor Rolando Álvarez Lagos, recently opened an account on the WhatsApp social network in order to be closer to his faithful, interact with them and bring them a word of revelation through messages inspired by Sacred Scripture, becoming in the first Nicaraguan bishop to use this technological tool to be in contact with his parishioners.

The creation of this account was announced last Thursday as an initiative of the bishop of Matagalpa in his radio and television program Communion, Pastoreo and Prayer, which is broadcast every Thursday on the Catholic Channel of Nicaragua. On the first day of the creation of Monsignor Álvarez’s WhatsApp, more than six hundred people from all over the country joined it.

Monsignor Álvarez is known for his hard pastoral work in Matagalpa, and his desire to carry the message of Jesus Christ through the social media. Regarding his new account on WhatsApp, he stated that it is a blessing to be able to communicate with parishioners because “God will speak to them” through messages taken from the Holy Bible.

Invite to be added

The Bishop of Matagalpa asked the faithful to add him on WhatsApp, to be a communication bridge to bring reflections and advice to those who request it.
“I would like to ask you that if you have friends who would like to receive a word of revelation, give them my number and they write to me giving me their name, so there will be more of us who will feed on the word of God,” Monsignor Álvarez shared.

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Written by: Israel de Jesus Gonzalez