Nintendo Switch: Update improves motion control


For the Nintendo Switch is currently rolling out a new update. However, many improvements are not made to the console. But it was probably a problem with the “Motion Controls” fixed that might have disturbed you in some games. With the update to version 5.0.2, the Nintendo Switch receives some minor tweaks that the manufacturer does not elaborate on. On the other hand, there is a solved motion control problem: in some cases, the Joy-Cons are said to have failed to respond correctly if you used the feature in a game – a bug that could quickly lead to frustration, especially in games of skill. Matching product Fixed bug with profile icons In addition, the update addresses an issue where users’ avatars were not displayed correctly to recommended friends. As a rule, the game device automatically notifies you of new updates and fetches the data from the Internet – as long as the switch is online. If you want to install the new version manually, go to the settings of the console and start the process under the tab “System”. How many MB of data you have to download is not mentioned. In general, you could still get new updates for the Nintendo Switch for a long time. The manufacturer wants the console at least for six years support. Thus, it is also clear that new games will continue to appear in the coming years. A highlight for 2018 is likely to be “Super Smash Bros.” be. The Spanking game with Super Mario, Link and Co. will probably be officially unveiled at the game fair E3.


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