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no swimming in several lakes because of cyanobacteria

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While the Indre-et-Loire finally sees the sun, several water points are closed for swimming by the Regional Health Agency (ARS). The cause ? Too high a rate of cyanobacteria. Fatal to animals and dangerous to human health, they cause digestive problems and skin irritation. Among the water points concerned: the lake of Château-la-Vallière, the lake of Bretonnières in Joué-les-Tours and the lake of Hommes.

Swimming has not been open for the season

With bad weather and prohibited swimming, we have a difficult start to the season“laments Christophe Deplanques. He manages the tavern and the restaurant at Lac de Hommes, where swimmers usually relax. But since the start of the season, a red headband prohibits access to water. “If we had known, we might not have come here …“Gérard breathes, on vacation with his wife and two granddaughters.

At the Lac de Hommes, Christophe Deplanques is the manager of the guinguette and the restaurant. © Radio France
Solene Gardré

A lot discover the ban when arriving on site. “We have very unhappy visitors“tells the lifeguard Pierre Philipponneau. An area is actually accessible for swimming, with games and bouncy castle, but it is chargeable. A difference in regulations due to the fact that cyanobacteria develop less in deep water.”Obviously, visitors are frustrated that they can only bathe for a fee.“explains the rescuer.

Less attendance

Legislation beyond the reach of traders, who sorry especially to see their season abused. “Normally at this time, all picnic tables are full.“notes the manager of the tavern Christophe Deplanques, pointing to several empty spaces.

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The department is trying to Wrestle against cyanobacteria. “They tried to stir the water with hydro-ejectors“explains the manager.”But a priori, this is not yet sufficient …“notes Christophe Deplanques who hopes for a drop in the rate, so that the season can finally take off.

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