‘No Time to Die’ concludes the story that began with ‘Casino Royale’

Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are careful not to reveal too many details about No Time to Die. That will be Daniel Craig’s last Bond film in the role; one he played since 2006.

Craig’s films follow Bond in his early days. In his first film, we see the British spy who has to bankrupt a terrorist financier in a poker game. He falls in love with an employee of the Ministry of Finance, Vesper Lynd, who tragically dies at the end.

Finish story
The story of that film was continued in the following three parts. And the upcoming fifth movie for Craig as James Bond continues that story.

“This film feels like a happy ending for Casino, as his emotional evolution takes us to a place we’ve never seen Bond before,” Broccoli began a recent interview. “And we all find that very exciting.”

The five movies, when you put them all side by side, will feel a bit like a miniseries.
In this film, Felix Leiter enlists the help of James Bond, and must stop a mysterious enemy armed with dangerous new technology. On view from September 30.

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