Not everything will be technology, what will be the most demanded jobs in five years | ECONOMY

Thus, one of the careers with the highest demand in five years will be data analyst, estimates the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC).

“People and companies are generating data exponentially. More professionals are needed to analyze, transform this data and add value to it. That’s why this race is going to be in high demand.”indicated Yamilet Serrano, director of Data Science at UTEC.

The incorporation of these professionals will be key to the development of companies through the use of artificial intelligencesaid Jaume Sués, Partner Digital & Emerging Technologies at EY Latam North for Financial Services.

“For every Peruvian specialist in artificial intelligence, EY estimates that seven will be needed in five years. Good technical talent is a scarce resource, and it will mean whether or not you are successful in implementing artificial intelligence.”he underlined.

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A second career with increased demand is also related to the field of technology: cybersecurity.

“Protecting the data of companies and people will be key to preventing theft. That is why the demand in this field is high and will continue to grow. For now, there are not many people specialized in cybersecurity”Yamilet Serrano indicated.

Another field with important demand will be that of technical careers to carry out the maintenance of equipment or installations in the home.

“There we have the technicians who fix the computers, plumbers, gasfitters, among others. You will always need someone to do this important work”Serrano noted.

But despite the high demand for these types of areas, not everything will be technology in the world of work in the coming years. The increase in the population and the tendency for people to live for more years suggest that the demand for elderly care services will continue to increase in the future.

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“More technicians will be required in Nursing, dedicated to caring for the elderly. This will be one of the races with high demand in the future”Serrano pointed out.

In this regard, Magdalena Rojas, a member of the College of Nurses of Peru, assured that due to the pandemic, the demand for home care services has increased, especially for the elderly.

“In the future we see that the demand will continue to increase, as there is an aging of the population, since they live longer. And they will require specialized nursing services. Services are contracted for shifts of 12 or 24 hours”, he pointed out.

Another segment that demands more nurses are the Comprehensive Care Centers for the Elderly (CIAM). More and more municipalities are implementing CIAMs to provide health care and recreation to older adults.

“The CIAMs are paid for by the municipalities and are for the elderly who can still attend there. But when their health deteriorates and they can no longer leave home, the private services of home nurses are required,” Rojas noted.