Now it is worth buying a new car, next year may become more expensive

Manufacturers are not able to produce enough cars, so most factories no longer work in showrooms, stock, focus only on direct customer orders. If we want to buy a car, we have to order it for 5-10 percent of the price and wait for the cars to roll off the belt in months or even a year, writes the G7.

The main reason that there are not enough chips in the world and also exacerbated the problem is that the automotive industry has explicitly underestimated the demand for its own products, while many have switched to cars instead of public transport.

In addition, several manufacturers have already exceeded their carbon quota for their fleets this year, which means they can only sell their internal combustion motorcycles next year if they don’t want to pay a penalty. Under the regulations, the fleet sold can emit an average of 95 grams of carbon dioxide per wagon and per kilometer. Because of this, cars in the fleet can consume an average of 4.1 liters of gasoline. Because many are unable to keep up with this, manufacturers are using electric cars to compensate for the over-consumption of gasoline.

Market imbalances interact back and forth, making it unpredictable which manufacturers will find themselves in a difficult situation. We can’t tell a truth, but it seems that the 6-month average waiting times for some manufacturers can be as long as 12 to 13 months.

Manufacturers who can deliver with an order time of 4-5 months are in a good position

Gábor Gablini, President of the National Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers (Gemos), told the G7.

Most of the models are now only showcased in showrooms, with a few more types and configurations available from dealers from Suzuki, Kia and Jeep. In addition, Suzuki undertakes December production in the case of a customer order, and the cars produced in this way may reach customers in late December or early January due to the short delivery time. Yet most factories only manufacture to customer order, with multiple half-year or even annual delivery times.

Skoda is in the biggest trouble, as its factories could be up until the end of the year. The Octavia’s five-door model will have to wait up to a year and a half, but there will also be cars available from the station wagon next summer.

Those who kept a larger stock of parts that have now become in short supply did well, the portal said.

Due to the turbulence of the past year, new cars have become 20-25 percent more expensive. However, according to Gábor Gablini, it is not worth waiting for the market to smooth out if we want to buy a car now. Next year, double-digit growth of 10-20 percent is worth buying new cars. Anyone who orders in months will still be placed on a long waiting list. However, the sooner you order the car, the cheaper you will get it.