Nurse is convicted of administering fake vaccine to nearly 9,000 people


Nurse was convicted of giving fake vaccine to patients

A nurse was convicted of applying false doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to about 8,600 elderly people between March and April 2021, in the city of Friesland, in Germany
🇧🇷 Antje T., 39, will serve six months in prison on parole, according to a decision this Thursday (1st).

In addition, during the pandemic , the woman used social networks to make publications against vaccines
🇧🇷 At the place where she worked, she was supposed to give patients doses of BioNTech Pfizer, but replaced the immunizer with a saline solution.

According to the German broadcaster NDR
among the victims of the nurse are teachers and health workers over 70 years old.

The woman apologized for crimes
during the Oldenburg Court trial, but was convicted of six counts of intentional assault.

Police authorities reported that, because she was responsible for handling the syringes and vaccine doses, she managed to apply thousands of false doses before being discovered. She was only caught a month after the “scheme” began, following a complaint from another employee who worked at the immunization center, who noticed the replacement of the doses

In testimony, the convict confessed to having used the false solution, but said she had only done so on one occasion. She claimed to have broken a six-dose bottle and decided to replace it with saline because she didn’t have the courage to tell her co-workers what had happened.

Laboratory tests, however, confirmed that several patients who should have received vaccines against Covid
by the hands of Antje did not develop antibodies against the disease, informed the NDR

After confirmation, the affected patients were vaccinated again, but with the true doses of the vaccine.

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