Nuvei, a payment platform provider, is opening a new office in Lithuania

The Nuvei branch of the payment platform, which currently has almost 100 employees in Vilnius, is not changing the pace of growth and development in Europe and is opening a new office.

After the acquisition of the Simplex moni group in Nuvei, Canada last autumn, the Lithuanian division contributed to the company’s growth and success.

We can share the opening of a new office in Vilnius and tell us that we have a place and an opportunity for specialists, says Nuvei President Yuvalas Zivas, who has been working with the group for more than 15 years. The decision to open an office in Lithuania was a logical step in our growth strategy, as our team is expanding in Vilnius and around the world. In Lithuania, it is planned to further develop Simplex by Nuvei and Nuvei products, including a payment platform for business, e. banking platform for business and individual consumers and payment card issuance.

Nuvei President Yuvalas Zivas

In the emerging business and banking district on the bank of the Neris ups (Lvivo str. 37, Vilnius), the new office will be located at 2 thousand square meters. square meters of premises, on the upper floor of the building. The new building has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent certificate, which ensures the efficiency of natural and artificial lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation.

Juozas Kaminskas, the head of the Lithuanian division, says that the number of specialists working in the company is expected to increase to 140 by the end of the year.

Digital payments are gaining momentum as we learn a new way to grow e-mail. trade volume. That is why alternative payment methods are becoming the most important catalyst for change in the financial services sector and other fast-growing areas, says J. Kaminskas.

The team of the Lithuanian branch focuses on product development, research and development, compliance and customer service. Simplex is a leading payment platform for business, providing traditional financial (fiat) services to cryptocurrencies and operators, connecting market participants, including exchanges, brokers and liquidity providers.

J. Kaminiskas details that the company is constantly improving its products and services, so it is constantly looking for talent who wants to join a growing, fearless and problem-solving team.

According to the head of the Lithuanian division, Nuvei and Simplex by Nuvei employ people with diverse life, cultural and professional experience. fintech professionals from the European Union and the United Kingdom.

mons doors are open to all professionals from Ukraine who meet our business profile. We are ready for the Ukrainians to take over our team and we will try to help them strengthen them wherever they are in Europe, says J. Kaminskas.

Nuvei directly supports its employees, and in March initiated a program with a fund of 500 thousand. US dollars. Under the program, we will double our support for the Nuvei employee charity in Ukraine. It is especially important for us to help those who need help the most now, says the head of the Lithuanian unit about the initiative.

Nuvei employs more than 1,460 people. Nuvei has offices around the world, with around 900 employees in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

mnes mon reports that Nuvei in 2022. Revenue in Europe, the Middle East and Africa grew 73 percent in the first quarter. up to 124.6 million US dollars. The international portfolio of alternative payment services has grown to more than 550.

About Nuvei:

Nuvei future payment platform. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate the development of business organizations by providing businesses with all the necessary payment channels and tools to reach consumers around the world easily and quickly. Nuvei provides financial services to customers, including collection of fees, administration of fees, e-mail. banking, card issuance and risk and fraud prevention services.

The company has the ability to reach businesses in more than 200 markets and operates as a local business learning partner in 45 of them. Nuvei also allows customers to use 150 currencies and more than 550 alternative payment methods, including cryptocurrency payments, cash payments and more. Each Nuvei partner receives not only payment services, but also a meal about customers, ensuring that business partners successfully take advantage of the opportunities to work both locally and globally with a single Nuvei technology solution.

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