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Some Muscovites had problems registering for online voting. In particular, four people informed RBC about the refusal of the system to register for electronic voting without explanation.

Voters complained about the “Map of Violations” about the difficulties associated with registering for online voting, and the day before the vote, some people refused to vote electronically, confirms Dmitry Nesterov, member of the Sonar observer movement council. “People opened the electronic newsletter, but could not vote – and call centers could not help them in this. Today, some of these people came to the polls to vote in person, but the e-voting verification system marked them as voters, ”he continues.

RBC sent a request to the main developer of the online voting system Artem Kostyrko.

Under the current electronic voting procedure, observers did not have the opportunity to monitor the observance of the secrecy of the vote, as well as to control who is voting on the other side of the screen, says Grigory Melkonyants, co-chair of the Voice movement. “In the future, to avoid such risks, we would advise introducing additional biometric identification of electronic voters,” he continues, noting that
observers would like to be sure that the anonymization of votes is irrevocable (there is a module in the online voting system that separates voice information and personal data of citizens. – RBC) And so far there is no evidence that anonymity is being violated, he added.

As for the voting itself, there is a risk of a vote swapping if voting takes place through a browser and if the computer is infected, Open Media wrote with reference to IT specialists.

The head of the department for improving territorial management and the development of smart projects of the Moscow government Artem Kostyrko, commenting on the publication of Open Media, said that “replace the voice [избирателей при онлайн-голосовании] not allowed. ” “To do this, the computer of the voted user must be infected with a virus that changes votes. As far as we know, nobody had anything like this, ”he said.

According to Melkonyants, the risks of fraud are at the junction of online and offline, when the polling stations violate the procedure for compiling lists and voters have the opportunity to vote twice. The double voting was reported, in particular, by the host of the Rain, Pavel Lobkov. The ability to vote twice, which he did not use, was also announced on Facebook by Golos expert Vasily Vaysenberg.

Commenting on the topic of double voting, CEC Deputy Chairman Nikolai Bulaev said that Lobkov had committed an administrative offense and could be punished with a fine of 30 thousand rubles. The Moscow City Commission stated that votes in such situations will be counted only once, and disciplinary measures will be taken by members of the commissions that issued ballots to people.



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