Olga Rinzo, actress and wife of Polo Ortín, dies at 89 years of age | Channel U

The actress participated in several chapters of ‘Woman, real life cases’ and ‘Cándido Pérez’; ANDI confirmed his departure

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This Saturday, June 5, the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) announced the death of the actress Olga Rinzo, famous for participating in different television projects, of which ‘Woman, real life cases’ and ‘Cándido Pérez’ stand out.

The actress, who was also the wife of actor Polo Ortín for two decades, died at the age of 89. Doña Olga is survived by her son Jorge Ortín, who since last year gave some interviews explaining the sufferings that his mother had, especially to give an account of the battle she was facing against him. breast cancer Y colon, the diabetes and the hypertension.

Although for the moment The causes of death are unknown, for a year, Jorge reported that his mother was infected and was victorious from Covid-19.

“Today I am proud that now at 89 years old she continues to be a strong woman who fights in the face of any adversity, she has known how to continue living in the face of the loss of my brother and my father and illnesses. She has won the battle against breast and colon cancer, living with diabetes, hypertension and countless hernias in the stomach that have been removed and now Covid-19, which as she says “She also runs my errands and he keeps the change, “Jorge wrote in a long post about Doña Olga Rinzo’s 89th birthday.

And he concluded: “Thank God she is asymptomatic and unfortunately for this reason we will not be able to celebrate her birthday together. In any case, I will be present, taking the due precautions due to the contagion to sing her mornings, bring her cake and the flowers that she likes so much and hoping that next week they will do the PCR test again and it will be negative so that they can operate on her legs due to venous insufficiency that he has suffered since he had a hip replacement due to a fall that he suffered three years ago ”.

At the moment, family and friends have shown their solidarity to Jorge Ortín, who is currently participating in a survival program in nature.

Rest in peace Olga Rinzo.