On Facebook, a woman puts her baby up for sale in León, Guanajuato; causes outrage

In a Facebook group, a young woman offered her baby for 25,000 pesos in cash or a car, saying that she and her boyfriend were going through a difficult situation.

Writing / The Voice of Michoacán

Leon, Guanajuato. In recent days, the alleged sale of a baby through a Facebook bazaar in León, Guanajuato went viral; According to the image rescued on social networks, you can see a publication made by a woman, who due to “economic problems” asks for 25,000 pesos or a car in exchange for the infant.

The image was published by the Facebook user identified as Andy Rodríguez, who in the details of the publication made on the page “Bazar de todo León Gto” specified the following:

“Because we went through a somewhat complicated situation, my boyfriend and I made the decision to put it up for sale because we can have another one, I deliver it with some blankets and a bottle as a gift,” the publication read.

In addition to this, the young woman offered the newborn only for the amount of 25,000 pesos in cash, or, there was the option of being able to exchange it for a car, without specifying the model or brand of it.

Although it is not known exactly if the publication was the authentic sale of a baby, it is presumed that the administrators of said page eliminated the record; however, users managed to rescue the image. Some to make fun of, while others were outraged only by what the supposed publication implied.

In several groups where the screenshot of the sale of the baby in the Market Place was shared, many users expressed their outrage, that although it is very possible that it was a joke or something false, they do not rule out that these situations could happen in real life, the only difference is that these cases are not exposed on social networks.