“On the job training, it is necessary to put everything back to flat”

“On the job training, it is necessary to put everything back to flat”


It is necessary to put things flat. The system from the early 1970s is no longer adapted to the challenges of the Twenty-first century. It has the force to stack regulations, we have reached a system that is paved with good intentions, but with many sources of inefficiency and an unequal access. Overall, our system of vocational training is everything, but not very efficient.

Result, there are 1.7 million young people who are neither in employment, nor in school, nor in education or training. Senior citizens are almost entirely excluded from the training. And, among the 25-45 years of age, only those who are already qualified and employed in large companies have easy access to them.

a Result, France is located in the back of the pack in Europe with a rate of access to training by 36% compared with 53 % in Germany and 56 % in the United Kingdom.

Yes, this is possible. France is the only country where we find the presence of intermediaries [the joint bodies approved collectors, the OPCA and OPACIF, ED] between individuals or companies and training providers. It is necessary to be initiated in order to have access to the right training ! We need to switch to a ideas of parity management ideas of parity of services, be more agile in the accompanying change of the public in their professions and skills.

provided, of course, that the market is fully transparent, which requires the establishment of a national agency in charge of ensuring the professionalism of the companies training and to equip the individuals on the relevance of the training.

This agency must be completely independent. It is a key condition to ensure that the information that it would be reliable, on the rate of insertion in the employment of such or such training, for example. She could count a dozen people maximum, ideally two or three foreign experts. It is not necessary that the funders of vocational training – the State, the employers, the regions – in part. Charge to this agency to set the reference quality, and rely on a network of certifiers recognized for assessing each agency. And to remove from its list those who lack of professionalism. We will send a clear signal to the general public.

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