Oncologists, neurologists and hematologists warn of risks for patients

Specialist in oncology, neurologists, hematologists and nephrologists they spoke in La W on health reform and they made various objections to the projectwhich has caused concern in different sectors.

The doctors expressed their uncertainty about the future of their patients’ treatments with the health system that is being proposed in the health reform proposed by the president Gustavo Petro.

the neurologist claudio alejandrodirector of Cerebrovascular Accident Center of the Simón Bolívar Hospital, assured that what is worrisome about the reform is that access to quality treatment is guaranteed to those patients who have a disability.

“If this reform is approved, the question is what will be the mechanism for these patients to continue having access to medicines They are state-of-the-art,” he said.

They ensure that the health reform is not clear as to the medication and the follow-up that will be given to the patients with chronic diseases.

For his part, he nephrologist Camilo Monteroa specialist in kidney transplant patients, pointed out that the health sector is concerned about the disciplinary management they need and the medications they require: “We don’t know what would guarantee that these patients can have adequate follow-up.”

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From the specialty of oncologyAndres Portilla, president of the Colombian Association of Pediatric Ematology and Oncology stated that:

“The important thing is to continue in a process of construction of public policies away from political positions and that patients are not bargaining chips (…) we trust that the best conditions will be taken for the path to that place that meets international standards”, he said.

Lastly, the doctor william sanchezdirector of the Colombian Association of Surgeryexplained that the health reform is generating great uncertainty, but that it is important that profound changes be made.

“We all want a reform that obviously improves the current system and that preserves the benefits of what we have been able to achieve. This system has evolved over 30 years with outstanding quality of survival indicators”.

Finally, specialists insist that it is important to build a reform that includes the contributions of doctors and scientists who ultimately are the ones who really know the current problems and advantages of the health system.

Listen to the full interview:

Health reform: Oncologists, neurologists and hematologists warn of risks for patients



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