Online study programs considered in the Numet: SEPE

Accompanied by Jorge Guevara Lozada, union leader of the SNTE Section 55, Homero Meneses Hernández, secretary of public education stressed that in this time of pandemic, one must think about how to articulate this transversal line in the new study plans and programs that is also represented in the New Tlaxcalteca Educational Model. (Numet).

In the presence of union authorities, delegates and teachers who met in a social room in San Lucas Cuauhtelulpan de Tlaxcala, he specified “This substantive equality, a healthy life and these forms that have been proposed as articulating axes of the New Tlaxcalteca Model, must be present with the support of physical educators, because they are and will be the cornerstone.”

Meneses Hernández agreed with what union leader Jorge Guevara proposed to make an effort, of a legislative and demanding nature, but always with the SEPE-SNTE unit, an indissoluble binomial to advance in the consolidation of better conditions for the working base.

This occurred within the framework of the celebration of the Physical Education Teacher’s Day of Section 55 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), the Secretary of Education, Homero Meneses Hernández, recognized the work carried out by the teachers of this subject that promote the teaching of sport and educate through movement.

During this celebration, the director of Basic Education of SEPE, Sergio Enrique Reséndiz, the representative of the leader of section 31 of the SNTE, Antonia Espinoza Vázquez, and the head of the Physical Education department, Javier Meza Hernández, were also present. other educational and union figures.