Opening of the administrative center of Chartres: what the first users think

Users said goodbye to the one-stop shop on Boulevard Chasles for the new administrative center in the heart of town on Monday. 180 employees are at the service of citizens who had an appointment for their procedures, renewal of a Filibus subscription, passport file or renewal of the identity card this morning.

“This new building looks well laid out. You still have to have someone’s help to find your way around, because the center is large and you get lost, but the reception was available and informed me. I got the help I needed. “

Daniel Bazabas (40 years old, looking for a job, Chartres).

“It’s very clean and airy. In the old buildings, it was a mess and we were crowded. The welcome was very friendly. There is less waiting. I find that for the Filibus card that I had come to redo, it’s a real time saver compared to the past where there was a lot of queue. “

Roza Lee (40 years old, saleswoman in Chartres).

“I came from Paris to get a passport, because the deadlines in Chartres were very short. I was received in a minute and the process only lasted two minutes. I also find the center very pretty with its glass front. It blends in perfectly with the landscape of the square. “

Patrick Oliva (37 years old, musician, Paris).

“I was going to renew my Filibus subscription and I find it practical not to have to go to the station anymore. Besides, I didn’t wait. There are plenty of seats to sit and wait. Having a handicap in the leg, I am happy with this arrangement. “

Emilie Faucher (40 years old, looking for a job, Mainvilliers).

“I went to ask for a VTC license. The employees received me well. Before, on Boulevard Chasles, we had to wait outside when there were people. It was unpleasant. Now we are waiting warm. “

Zouhair Zlmaliani 33 years old, manager of a hairdressing salon, Chartres).

Collected by Léa Pérez