Orléans Hospital innovates and offers assisted teleconsultation to patients turned away from the emergency room

The cabins of teleconsultation sprouting up all over the territory, in an attempt to make up for the cruel lack of doctors. Last Thursday, June 16, the CHR itself came there. But with some specifics. The Rep ‘ was able to visit this firm in preview and tell you more about its operation.

The Deputy Director General talks about a “digitalized hospital medical center” where patient care is comprehensive:

We hated the idea that it was considered a cheap, degraded consultation., says Jean-Robert Chevallier. And we wanted to offer these patients who came to the emergency room a local solution.”

It would be a first in France, with these characteristics.

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How it works ?

Concretely, about 150 meters from the emergency room, a construction site bungalow has been placed in the parking lot, right next to the premises of the Samu. This is where a secretary welcomes and registers patients.

A bungalow in the car park is used to receive and register patients before their consultation. A medical secretary receives them there. Photo Pascal Proust

Then, the remote consultation takes place in an office, located in the dental unit. A nurse is always present to assist the patient and take his constants. He can, at the request of the practitioner, also perform an echo-doppler, an electrocardiogram, listen to the heart, look at the ears…

Behind the camera, a general practitioner who can be found anywhere in France. The consultation costs the patient 25 euros. And, icing on the cake, it is possible 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Teleconsultation at home, a solution for people from Pithiverais who cannot move

Only for patients sent by emergency or Samu

But beware, it is not open to all, freely.

The primary source of recruitment is adult emergency rooms and, in a few days, we will add pediatric emergencies (children from 3 years old) but also the Samu. Only regulated patients, therefore, who certified that treatment was necessary. The interest is also to recover the patient’s file, containing a certain amount of data.”

Have already been received and treated, these first days: a twisted ankle, pain in the right arm or in the throat…

Another originality: if the doctor prescribes physio sessions, for example, the secretary can help, if necessary, to find an appointment.

“The treatment is health, even social.”

This turnkey contract was concluded with the Saranese company TSO : it includes equipment but also the provision of independent nurses (six and soon 10), medical secretaries and putting in contact with doctors.

The experiment is scheduled until December 31, 2022. It will be evaluated by then by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), which finances this test costed at 75.000 eurosto ensure that this device is useful to patients and caregivers.

The teleconsultation has arrived in Ingré

Marie Guibal