Other than drought. The real water crisis in Italy is ideological, born from the demagogy of the common good

The vast majority of water losses are due to a lack of investment, and stems from the fact that water management is often in the hands of small municipalities or clumsy municipal administrations. Notes for the WWF

There is a new and real emergency that has accompanied our daily news for days and that emergency concerns a problem generally summarized in a simple, apocalyptic and definitive word: Drought. Drought, understood as a historical phase characterized by a prolonged lack of water, is a concrete phenomenon that has been affecting our country for a long time. In some regions it has not rained for three months, the level of the Po has reached its lowest point ever in the last 70 years, some large lakes record historical lows in terms of filling, the government is one step away from certifying the state of crisis and some regions have started issuing ordinances to reduce the use of drinking water in non-essential services.

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