He sees that in the spring-like weather you want to gather outside, Berset said on a visit to a drive-in test center in Lucerne on Tuesday. But it is imperative not to do that. “We have to show perseverance,” said the Federal Council.

According to a census by the Keystone-SDA news agency, which is based on reports from the cantons, 427 people have been killed so far because of Covid-19. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) reported 373 deaths related to Covid 19 disease in Switzerland.

A total of around 123,150 tests for the virus have thus far been carried out. The proportion of those who tested positive was 13 percent. Measured by the number of inhabitants, the cantons of Ticino and Vaud have the most cases.

Berset visits drive-in test center

So that Switzerland can find its way back to normal in the Corona crisis, epidemiologist Marcel Salathé, together with other scientists, advocates Covid 19 tests for mild symptoms. In this way, every single new case could be quickly identified and quickly isolated.

The drive-in test centers could be one way of doing this, as the canton of Lucerne is currently testing. During a visit to Lucerne Allmend, Berset was impressed: This saved material and relieved the hospital. In the center, 15 to 20 suspected corona infections can be tested for the virus every day without having to leave the car.

The variety of solutions found in the cantons to deal with the corona crisis is a major feature of Switzerland, said Berset. He emphasized that the Confederation needed good cooperation with the cantons. And federalism and solidarity work in Switzerland.

UZH tests all patients

Accordingly, the University Hospital Zurich decided to go its own way: From Wednesday, all new inpatients should be tested for Covid-19, even if they show no symptoms and are admitted because of an accident. The aim is to increase safety for employees and other patients.

The SVP wants to go even further: it suggests that particularly vulnerable groups of the population should isolate themselves as far as possible until the virus is contained. In addition, the SVP calls for the introduction of a general obligation to wear protective masks where there is contact between people. The non-endangered population should be allowed to work again.

In addition, the increased border protection should be maintained. Immigrants and immigrants from high-risk areas should be rejected as well as people who could not prove beyond doubt that they were free from the corona virus. Incoming Swiss would have to be in quarantine for a certain time.

30,500 people prevented from entering

Even so, the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) already has its hands full. FCV Director Christian Bock told the media at the Boncourt JU border crossing that she had refused to allow more than 30,000 people to enter Switzerland in the past two weeks.

Some tried to cross the green border into Switzerland, remove barriers or destroy them. That is why the FCA had to pronounce over 400 buses since the beginning of last week.

But the crisis also had an impact on the movement of goods, Bock continued: In the past two weeks there had been 11 percent fewer imports, 20 percent fewer exports and 13 percent fewer transit shipments through Switzerland.

Army support needed

In contrast to a migration crisis, there are now Schengen border controls along the entire Swiss border due to the corona pandemic. That is why they needed the support of the army, but also in terms of personnel in the air. “More controls equate to more security,” said Bock.

On the one hand, members of the professional military police would be deployed at the open border crossings, said deputy army chief, corps commander Aldo Schellenberg. They supported civilian customs officials in border controls. On the other hand, militiamen would be deployed on the green border. The assignment typically lasts six weeks, i.e. twice as long as a normal repeat course.

At the same time, Schellenberg announced that the Swiss Army would cancel all repeat courses by the end of June. Those WK are excluded, “serve the immediate management” of the corona crisis.

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