It has finally arrived. After a month-long wait that seemed forever, the Overwatch League is back. This short re-appearance of the Overwatch League is due to the season's playoffs and the Grand Finals. With the teams that made it, I will cover every single one of them, as I did in my weekly Recap series. What's changing in this article is that the little pieces in the teams are simply their improvements over the season and where they are now. After talking about each team, I will finally give my personal opinion on which teams will reach the finals on those fateful days in late July.

Since these playoffs are the nuts and bolts of the remaining teams, these last weeks should be the best Overwatch we have already seen it. Which teams have survived in this very tight league? Let's start with the lowest ranked team and go to the highest point. Let's start with:

Philadelphia Fusion

This team was a dark horse throughout the year. While people can complain about their stray nature and dependency on Carpe, they are a playoff-worthy team. This team now consists of their captain Carpe, their very flexible player EQO, a Poko, Hotba, Sado or Fragi tank line and their supporters Boombox and Neptuno. In addition to the tanks and Shadowburn, which are sometimes tackled, this crew has a constant troop. They know their strengths and weaknesses. With a mixed season, her highlight was the London Spitfire in their semifinal Stage 2 playoff match.

Although I have no great expectations of the merger, they are a team that can surprise others. ask the Spitfire and the Excelsior about it. But I also feel that too much of her attack on Carpe is focused, and he has a big job ahead of him for these playoffs.

London Spitfire

While many people expected London to be higher in the overall standings by the end of the year, they did it anyway. With an extremely large squad in the league, they have trimmed it in the middle of the season to focus more on teamwork and coordination. This now consistent lineup focuses on: gesture and anger on tanks, profit and bird ring on the attack, and Bdosin, Nus and closer on supports. Changing from an almost complete roster to a barebone seemed to focus on improvements for the Spitfire. While the change itself is controversial, it could be a bit misleading. The Spitfire are still a very good team and they may have learned a bit about the last phase of the playoffs.

Just like the Fusion, do not sleep on the Spitfire. If they get rolling, they may come further than people think. The only weakness I see is the absence of substitutions in case of injury as well as their current form.

Los Angeles Gladiators

This team began to stumble, but it solidified later in the year and became a very admirable team. Unlike the Spitfire, they started a little scattered in the season, but with the introduction of Fissure in their lineup grew. This team now consists of: Fissure, Bischu, iRemiix and Void on Tank, Surefour, Silkthread, Asher and Hydration on Attack, ending up on support with Shaz and BigGoose. This team has both good and bad times behind it. Although they are consistent and have a very good team, they seem to have problems with their LA colleagues lately. While they are not the first to face them, they will face the Valiant when they win their quarter-final match. This would probably be their biggest hurdle in these playoffs.

The gladiators have a very good chance of entering the semi-finals but their opponents could hold them back. Will Fissure lead her to even more fame?

Boston Uprising

While the uprising has recently fallen, their flawless form in the third leg has secured them a playoff spot. This team is still the only team that has a perfect stage and they hope to regain that form for the playoffs. Their team now consists of: strikers and mistakes in the attack, Note, Kalios and Gamsu on the tank, and Neko, Aimgod and Kellex on supports. While this team has been in a bad shape lately, this is a new patch and they have much more preparation time than the fourth. This one-month failure could be her key as well as her demise. It depends on their agreement with Striker and Gamsu.

Boston is a team I have no idea about when it comes to predictions. Will that be the Boston of Stage 3 or Stage 4?

Los Angeles Valiant

The second best team in the table and the best in form; The Valiant are really top-tier. Her team has focused on two things throughout the season: consistency and teamwork. While they started the season with just one of these two, they both developed and therefore won the Stage 4 title over the Excelsior. With their team placed second in the standings, they receive a semi-final to the semi-finals; in the end faced with the highest winners of the quarterfinals. Her team consists of: Agilities and Bald on the attack, Space and Fate on Tank, and Custa and Kariv on supports. That was the squad that brought them to a title so that I can not see many changes. Besides, this new patch is a big change for all teams, and this could be the crucial obstacle the Valiant has to overcome.

With their steady form, I can not see the Valiant crumble here, but weird things happened in previous playoffs.

New York Excelsior

The favorite to win everything, this New York team must show that it was controversial sandbag in the fourth stage was not in vain. With the starting position 1 and the first MVP of the league in their squad they want to add another trophy to their case. Due to their progeny, they get a reunion in the semifinals and meet the lowest placed winners of the quarter-finals. Their team consists of: Saebyeolbe, Libero and Pine in the attack, Mano and Meko on the tank, and Ark and JJonak on supports. Everyone knows that this team has the opportunity to win the entire playoffs, and the patch seems to help them more than other teams. Libero was one of the most important Hanzo players in the older competition Overwatch Scene and this patch seems to make him a regular in Squads. The only remaining question is: was Level 4 a sign of weakness?

I can not see that they do not make the Grand Finals, but whoever they meet will not make it easy for them.

Quarter final

The first matchup consists of the Philadelphia Fusion (6) against the Boston Uprising (3). These playoffs are unlike the previous ones, consisting of a best of three best-of-five matches.

I think the merger will beat the uprising in matches 2-1. The uprising has time to solve its problems, but is not as formal as the merger. Carpe has the ability to carry, and he usually does not fail at his team. This means that the merger progresses until the semi-final against the New York Excelsior.

The other quarter-final consists of the London Spitfire (5) and the Los Angeles Gladiators (4).

I think that the living spirit of Fissure will haunt the Spitfire and sweep it 2: 0. Spitfire just was not good enough to beat the gladiators lately and I do not see it any differently. This means that the gladiators will play in a semi-final against the Valiant in the ultimate battle of Los Angeles.


The first semi-final (according to my prediction) will be the Philadelphia Fusion (6) against the New York Excelsior (1).

I do not see that Fusion will beat the Excelsior as the New York team learned their lesson because they nearly lost to them in the second round. New York will beat them 2-0.

The second semi-final will be (probably again) the Los Angeles Gladiators (4) against the Los Angeles Valiant (2).

Here I see a commotion. With their impressive players and the need for a win from their last fight for LA, I see the gladiators beating the Valiant 2-1 in a very close game.

final exams

With my predictions, I see New York's Excelsior (1) playing against the Los Angeles Gladiators (4).

When that happens, I think the gladiators would use all their power as Valiant and would not expect to get that far. Therefore, I see the Excelsior beating the Gladiators 2-0 and winning the first season of the Overwatch League.

What do you think? Was I incredibly wrong? Was I close to it? Leave your comments and enjoy the playoffs.

I wrote this from the 10th of July and finished it on the 13th of July. With this date change, some of the results have already arrived. Luckily they do not seem to change my mind about the predictions.

With this finishing cut, the Fusion is 1: 0 above the rebellion and the Gladiators are 1: 0 above the Spitifire.

Polish-Canadian game enthusiast. I've been entrenched in the game world for as long as I can remember. My first game was Pokemon Yellow and my most played game was Borderlands 2 (3000+ hours). Some of my favorite favorites are Transistor and Night in the Woods, but I spend stupid time playing Overwatch. I hope that I will continue to be part of film, games and writing in the future.


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