Arrested for the arson of the bank, the Russian artist-actionist Pyotr Pavlensky was released from the French prison, his lawyer Dominique Beirut-Minkova told RBC.

"He is at large," the lawyer said. According to the RFI, Pavlensky was released from custody with the obligation to report to the police. At the meeting, the artist stressed that for him "it does not matter whether the court will release him or not." The next meeting on the Pavlensky case is scheduled for January 10. On this day, the trial of the case on the merits is scheduled.

The French authorities granted political asylum to Pavlensky after he left Russia in January 2017. Later, on October 16 of the same year Pavlensky set fire to the building of the Bank of France, for which he was arrested and arrested.

In the action, his civil wife Oksana Shalygina also took part. She was also detained, released from prison in January 2018. Pavlensky was charged with destroying someone else's property "dangerous for others around him."


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