PAL CAST. The Black Death in ‘The story of Flanders’, with author of the book ‘1349’ Joren Vermeersch

In Episode 5 of ‘The story of Flanders’, the plague in Flanders received a lot of attention. Joren Vermeersch is the author of the book ‘1349, how the Black Death changed Flanders and Europe’, so the ideal person to go into more detail about the Black Death. Moreover, Vermeersch is now working on a new large book from the same period, namely ‘Flanders’ maddest century’.

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In this podcast we discuss the consequences of the plague on an economic, religious and cultural level, and what the historical conclusion ultimately is of this period in Flanders. We also talk about how the Flemish people of that time called the Black Death and about the plague in the time of the Roman Emperor Justinian.

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