Switzerland.- An electric implant has returned hope to paraplegic patients, has allowed them to walk again. Thanks to new rehabilitation protocols, three people who suffer spinal cord injuries that prevented them from walking, now again do it without help. three people felt confined to wheelchairs, but a series of electrodes implanted surgically and precisely mapped to the spinal cord, allowed them to walk without any help.
   Paraplegics walk again thanks to new treatment. Illustrative picture: Pxhere
The electrodes that were placed are combined with a unit that allows the sending of electrical pulses in response to the movements of the legs of patients, revealed a study that will be published in the scientific journal Nature and Nature Neuroscience.

The study was developed by the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne and the University Hospital of Lausanne and was called Stimo.The results were amazing, the patients regained their mobility even when they had years of immobility.
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