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Without a doubt, “Pasión de gavilanes” it was one of the soap operas most successful of the last decade. The story of the brothers Kings and the sisters Elizondo stole the hearts of millions of viewers in many countries of Latin America, Europe and more, and the number continues to increase after the arrival of the fiction on Netflix.

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The melodrama follows the revenge that they want to be paid Juan, Oscar and Franco Reyes by the death of his younger sister, but their plans change as they fall in love with Standard, Jimena and Sarita Elizondo. The six protagonists live an intense love story along the 188 chapters that are emitted from the drama of Telemundo.

In this framework, lStandard and John they have a son and are baptized Juan David Reyes Elizondo and that quickly steals the hearts of all the viewers. But behind this little character hid a great truth that has just been discovered after 17 years of the premiere of “Passion of hawks”.

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During the duration of the novel, many fans of Pasión de Gavilanes’ did not know that the baby that you gave life to Juan David Reyes Elizondoin reality I was a little girl. Despite the fact that in the production were dressed as a boy for the role, always tried to María Gabriela García.

It was both the charisma and the connection that is achieved quickly with all the actors of the novel. The synchronicity was such that when people live so much with them, he said on one occasion grandfather, ‘Don Martin’, the grandfather of the sisters Sara, Norm and Ximena Elizondo.

However, Mary never to appear again on the small screen but a picture next to the one who is said to be his father, is the only thing that has been filtering in social networks and different means of communication.

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Maria Gabriela Garcia was the baby who 17 years ago played the small Juan David Reyes Elizondo (Photo: social Networks)


Although until now the project does not seem to be within the priorities of the chain, everything is lining up for that could be carried out if so decided finally Telemundostarting by the desire that has all its cast of working again together.

“By now the truth, there are no plans, but I’d love to, it seems to me the most. It is a very nice story that was as marked for all of us and obviously I’d love to be back in this production,” said Paola Reywho gave life to the rebel Jimena.

For Natasha Klauss, who played another of the sisters Elizondo, ‘would be beautiful’ which became a sequel of the soap opera, but recognized that it would be ‘difficult’.

“I believe that if today we come together and do Pasión de gavilanes 2, I do not know those magic things of life, would be beautiful, but difficult,” admitted the unforgettable ‘Sarita’.

Difficult, but not impossible. That is what you believe Mario Cimarrowho gave life to Juan Reyes.

“We would have to see the history that we present, if it is that you get to make, and see how much time passed, if they passed 10 years, 15 years… And see what happened to each, then depending on what happened to each since there will hold, but I think that the characteristics of each character remain the same. John is going to continue to be gross because he’s not studied,” he said between laughter the also heartthrob of successful melodramas such as The body of the desire.

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Paola Rey and Natasha Klauss face the greater challenge of ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’ | Video



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