Paul McCartney shows his support for Johnny Depp with a video of the actor in full concert

A true show of support from Paul McCartney towards the legal situation that Johnny Depp is going through could be seen during a recent concert in Seattle (USA). The British singer played a video of the actor accompanying him on the guitar, showing that they are close friends.

In images shared on Instagram last Tuesday, May 3, by philanthropist and former model Jill Vedder, McCartney is seen performing his song “My Valentine.” Behind him plays a black-and-white video of Depp playing guitar and reciting the song’s lyrics in sign language.

The video is an excerpt from the official video for the song, in which actress Natalie Portman also appears. This clip has been used at McCartney concerts for almost a decade, reports the portal, quoted by The Independent.

Vedder captioned the video: “It could be controversial to post this video with Johnny Depp. I don’t mind. I only know him in the knight side of him. And while I support women and the ‘Me too’ movement, I also know some women who have destroyed the lives of good and innocent men. PS: verbal abuse is not great either. Be careful what you say.”

Several stars from the world of entertainment have spoken and shown their support for Depp before the trial against his ex-wife Heard, which began on April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia. Depp argues that she defamed him in a December 2018 opinion piece published in The Washington Post, for which the protagonist of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga sues her for USD 50 million. Heard has filed a US$100 million countersuit against Depp for the nuisance, and has requested immunity from her accusations.

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