Paulina Sykut on the second pregnancy. She is expecting a baby?

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna told what she is guided by in the upbringing of her 6-year-old daughter Róża. The star also commented on a photo with a pregnancy belly, which caused a wave of guesswork among her fans.

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna is a popular Polish journalist and TV presenter associated with Polsat. She started her career in the media by running a program Musical lists on TV4, on the set of which she spent 9 years. In 2007, she started working with Polsat, where she initially worked as a weather presenter. Currently, the star acts as the hostess at large events and festivals, and also runs many entertainment programs – among others Dancing with the Stars.

Privately, the journalist has been associated with an entrepreneur for 24 years, Piotr Jeżyna. The couple got married in August 2011, and their wedding ceremony was held in Puławy at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A married couple raise a 6-year-old daughter together – Rosesand the star is happy to share excerpts from her private life, posting photos with her husband and daughter on her own Instagram.

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna about the educational model she uses and a photo with a pregnancy belly

Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna told our reporter about raising her daughter. What is the presenter guided by in preparing Róża for adult life?

I don’t follow any model and I don’t have a template, but with love, understanding, empathy, presence and closeness. This is how I raise a child. Of course, he wants to give her everything necessary to shape her into a wise, sensitive, good person. We are close to Róża because these times are so crazy. Everyone is rushing somewhere. Sometimes when I watch it all around, these parents are not there because they are busy. We try so hard to avoid such moments in our lives. We are with the Rose, we are together and we try to be always close to the Rose.

Paulina also explained herself from a photo of her pregnancy belly, which she posted on her public profiles on social media. The photography sparked a wave of speculation.

It was a tummy like Róża was in her belly. This is not my tummy. We thought about enlarging the family. It would be nice to have lots of children. It would be great.

We keep our fingers crossed!

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