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People in a parallel world just a stone's throw away

For some people, life in a world without frames is nothing. They arrive in a psychiatric facility. Because they simply can not cope on their own, because they have to be permanently looked after medically because they are being cared for there. These facilities are sometimes whole villages, proper places with shops, workplaces, cafés and parks. What used to happen in clinics and behind closed doors has long been given more room. A sheltered space that feels safe to its inhabitants, where they know their way around, find structure and support. Some may leave him and visit neighboring villages, but many do not.

The Cologne-based photographer Robert Mohren visited people in such facilities for more than three years. He met her, photographed her, heard stories. From his pictures an exhibition has been commissioned by the Arbeiter Samariter Bund, which will be on display in Berlin from 16 May. The photographs flank paintings by the painter Tariano Schneider. The 20-year-old student at the Academy of Arts in Mainz painted her during an internship in supervised housing projects of the Arbeiter Samariter Bund.

Who are the people we see?

The star talked to Robert Mohren and asked what stories are hidden behind his photos, which in the exhibition are only labeled with the names of the people depicted. He told us.

"Melanie and Karl Heinz I got to know Pirmasens at the day care center Logo, which is run by the Arbeiter Samariter Bund. I met them both during a lunch break in the garden of the institution. They were very interested and wanted to be photographed. You can see the hearts in the photograph, which are both around the neck. Two people who have found each other. Of course, there are always several photos created, this is particularly successful in my eyes. Both work from morning to afternoon at 16 o'clock in the logo in a workshop with wood. These parts are usually sold in markets, often toys are made or household items.

A gray-haired woman points with her forefinger and grins

"Gabi and I got to know each other at Villa Wasgaublick, a residential complex made up of several old mansions, which is really wonderfully accessible and designed. A real oasis! Gabi is suffering from a particularly severe form of depression, I can not go into details. In the photo, I asked you to show me 'how her mood is today'. She pointed upwards with her finger, in the photo he is only halfway up. I met Gabi in very different constitutions, sometimes she did not recognize me. Gabi is the title photo of the exhibition. "

A man with a protective helmet looks into the camera

"Markus also works in the logo. I saw him the day before in one of the housing projects supervised. He loves, according to his own information, everything that has to do with photography. A good day for the photographer and his model! "

A woman with short hair looks critical

"Sabine is a resident of Haus Moosalb. She is unable to do any work in groups. I got to know her in the morning around 9 o'clock in an art therapy group. She watched me most suspiciously, but also enjoyed being photographed. Her game with the camera is well recognizable in photography. "

NO BORDERS border crossing
Exhibition on the topic of people with mental disabilities
Photographs by Robert Mohren, painting by Tariano Schneider
16.5. – 15.6.2019
In the ministerial gardens 6
10117 Berlin


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