‘Personality in business’: Jānis Timermanis, manager of the financial information provider ‘Kredītinformations birojos’

for the past ten years, is passionate about hockey, books and traveling. His job entails managing a database that provides information on the financial data of Latvian companies and individuals, as well as assessing the payment behavior, credit rating and insolvency of companies to forecast development trends.

When asked why he chose this particular field of work, Timermanis replied, “I like puzzles. This work is like a big puzzle where you slowly and patiently put piece by piece until the big picture begins to emerge. There are times when the wind blows the window away and messes up some of what you have patiently put together over the years. And you have to start over. It is also in this work. It is a reminder that the patient daily work of many people brings some order to the world. All that remains is to start lazing around – and entropy immediately sets in, or the amount of ‘disorder’ in the system increases.”

This is just one example of the many ‘Personalities in Business’ that can be found in the world. People in business often have unique stories, motivations and skills that make them successful in their chosen field. Through their dedication and hard work, they are able to create something of value that can benefit others. It is this kind of passion and dedication that makes them stand out and be an example to others.