Peter Jakab sent a pile of wine to Feri and Viktor’s brothers

After Orbán promised my brother Viktor Feri an eighty, Jakab Orbán also promised a twenty.

President Jobbik, who became famous for his pariser meals (Jakab Péter) again surprised his followers with a special video on Thursday. It all started with that Viktor Orban prime minister also posted a video on Thursday as he discusses with retirees (you can see a lot of wine on the table) and explains that the pension premium is coming, they will get “an eighty in November” and maybe even a one-month pension plus in 2022.

My brother Feri, that is Francis of Slovakia was the addressee, who was also summoned by Peter Jakab in his Facebook video. Jakab recalls the above conversation and says: “My brother Feri doesn’t forget that this bitang man is the one who took away 3,000 thousand billion forints of private pension fund savings from my brother Feri”, and he also “ruined” the forint by price increases took away the pension increase. He asks Uncle Feri to change the government together and get everyone a substantial pension increase. He also addresses Orbán:

My brother Viktor, do you know what you will get? At least one twenty. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

In the end, he says “God God” with some confusing liquid and leaves the scene.

(via 444)