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Pfizer | urgent recall for the company that produces the vaccine

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From Pfizer comes the statement concerning an important measure taken in the course of the past few hours, the details.

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News that deserves attention because it can affect many individuals comes from Pfizer. The pharmaceutical company which produces the Covid vaccine of the same name, and which he developed in collaboration with the German Biontech, is also responsible for the production of other drugs.

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Particularly some that are prescribed for the treatment of nicotine addiction in some adult people suffering from this disorder.

Among these the Champix stands out, which, however, presents non-regulatory lots, based on what was disclosed by Pfizer. Distribution of this product is currently suspended due to a major health issue.

This medicine, in batches subjected to suspension and recall, is affected by a presence in excessive amounts of N-nitroso-varenicline. This substance is precisely the active ingredient on which the drug is based.

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Pfizer, how to deal with your discontinued medicine

But the level in excess of the necessary measures led Pfizer to opt for the interruption of the marketing of the same. He also received appropriate communication of the situation AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency.

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However, further checks will be carried out in this regard. Fortunately, the recognized risk level is not high. And the recall took place for purely precautionary reasons, as is the practice in such situations.

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In fact, an immediate danger to users is not recognized. For those who are following an ongoing therapy, unfortunately there may be difficulties in carrying it out. And it will be necessary to have to wait for the situation to return to normal.

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Alternatively it may be possible to follow others similar therapies with different medicines. In any case, it is highly recommended for interested parties to consult their healthcare professional.

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