Pharmacist and biologist car insurance

Auto insurance is a compulsory guarantee. Its purpose is to cover material damage and/or bodily injury that your vehicle may cause to others.

She guarantees Also vbodily injury and property damage caused to your vehicle.

With GPM Pharmateam, we build together the solution adapted to your needs, taking into account:

  • The type of your vehicle;
  • The use you make of it: walk-trip single place, walk-trip multiple places, business, tours;
  • Your driving history and your age.

We offer you to benefit, according to the desired formula:

  • Third-party insurance : This is the minimum protection required. It covers the civil liability of the insured and makes it possible to compensate for the damage that his vehicle may cause to third parties. However, damage to the driver and his vehicle is not covered.
  • Extended third-party insurance : This is the extended minimum protection. It includes civil liability cover supplemented, depending on the insurer and the options chosen, with theft/vandalism, glass breakage, fire and climatic events cover.
  • All-risk insurance : This is full protection. It covers damage caused to the insured’s vehicle, including in the event of an at-fault accident.

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