Photos: Eating the landscape | The weekly country

Waste ponds at the Neves-Corvo mine, in Portugal.

Each animal species chooses the relationship with its environment. The human, who is the least animal of the species, has chosen to devour it with the folly of one who feeds on the furniture in her living room and then on those in her bedroom and then on the shelves with books in the hall, to get as much first to the bathroom and eat the bidet and the rest of the toilets, including the shower head. And when the bathroom was completely devastated, he would move into the kitchen and gobble up the taps and the white and red lacquered kitchenware and cabinets, as well as the most tender parts of the dishwasher. And when he had already put an end to all these resources, let us say, natural ones, since it was natural that they were found where he devoured them, he would still have the walls, from which he would suck the lime, so inexcusable for the bones.