Physicians have discovered the deadly danger of the habit of gnawing seeds


As for the quality and usefulness of the favorite Ukrainian delicacy – sunflower seeds, experts said. They warned that the seeds are very caloric, but they are dangerous for human health, not only this. Experts have confirmed that seeds can play the role of a provoking factor in inflammation of the appendix. The appendix stores useful microorganisms, which are reserve health protectors – they are used by the body for healing in diseases that affect the intestinal microflora. “A narrow passage into the appendix can be blocked by a swallowed grape seed or peel from the seeds, after which inflammation occurs. Seeds can provoke aggravation of appendicitis, because the husk is very poorly digested, and it is not always possible to gnaw seeds with teeth so as not to swallow a part of the rind, “the program experts explained. Another danger threatening lovers of sunflower seeds is the high caloric content of the product: it turns out that sunflower seeds are more caloric than chocolate and roast pork. In fried seeds, according to experts, there are fats that contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol, as well as a lot of phosphorus (in 100 grams – as much as 155% of the daily rate), which can badly affect the work of the kidneys. Excess phosphorus is also dangerous for the brain. “With an excess of phosphorus, an excessive amount of calcite is produced, which can contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels, which increases the risk of hypertension, heart attacks and strokes,” explained nutritionist Rima Moisenko. In 2017, researchers at the University of Michigan shared information that the seeds live and reproduce mold, which releases aflatoxin. This component is known for its negative influence, promotes the development of liver cancer, as well as the appearance of DNA damage.


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