Pisan seniors deceived for 13 million euros. A family from Pistoia arrested

They are accused of having deceived two wealthy elderly residents in Pisa and Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), managing to have money, jewelry and a car and company shares registered for a total of 13 million euros, but also by being nominated universal heirs.

For this reason the carabinieri arrested an entire family unit, father, mother and two children, residing in Ponte Buggianese (Pistoia), under investigation for circumvention of incapacitated persons and receiving stolen goods. The mother had managed to convince the two elderly victims, who did not know each other, to undergo pranotherapy sessions at home, thus gaining their trust.

The two elderly people were induced to hand over to the woman and her children, starting from 2016 and on several occasions, large sums of money, watches and jewelry, which were then hidden or reinvested by the father of the family.

On other occasions, the suspects have managed to get a car and shares in some companies registered, to the point of having the two sons named universal heirs of the wills. The four are now under house arrest: part of the stolen property was found by the carabinieri and placed under sequestration.

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