Plane Delay 3 Hours Until Passengers Get Off, Super Air Jet Sorry


Super Air Jet apologizes for the flight delay of up to three hours. Super Air Jet said it had prepared a replacement flight with another aircraft.

“Super Air Jet apologizes for the inconvenience caused. Super Air Jet has carried out the provisions according to the applicable requirements. Super Air Jet is preparing for departure by changing to another aircraft, namely the Airbus 320-200 registered with PK-SAQ. The aircraft has been checked and is declared safe operated,” said the President Director of Super Air Jet, Ari Azhari in a written statement, Sunday (19/6/2022).

The video of the Super Air Jet plane being delayed by three hours has gone viral on social media. The video shows the action of Super Air Jet passengers who are busy getting off the plane because the flight is delayed by three hours. Super Air Jet also apologized.

The video that went viral on Twitter originally came from an upload by a TikTok user. In the video, it is narrated that the passengers have been boarding since 16.40 WIB from Yogyakarta. However, at 19.30 WIB the plane did not fly. A woman in the video also invites passengers to get off.

Ari said that his party had implemented all operational standards according to procedures. He said Super Air Jet put passenger safety first.

“Super Air Jet is committed to continuing to prioritize operations that meet flight safety and security factors (safety first). All flight operations are carried out based on standard operating procedures,” said Ari.

He explained this matter. He explained that on Friday (17/6), before passengers entered the aircraft cabin, the Airbus 320-200 registration PK-SJD had undergone a thorough check (check) on the aircraft by technicians and pilots. From these inspections, the aircraft was declared airworthy.

“The aircraft is declared airworthy and safe to operate (safe for flight). The Super Air Jet on flight IU-319 will be operated using the Airbus 320-200 PK-SJD aircraft type with a flight schedule at 17.10 WIB from Yogyakarta Kulonprogo International Airport (YIA) Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten (CGK) has experienced a delay in departure,” he said.

Furthermore, Ari said that the flight delay was the result of an indicator in the system that had to be checked immediately. So, he said, the pilot’s decision to delay the flight was the right one.

“Because there is one indicator on the aircraft system indicating that a check will be carried out immediately. In ensuring and fulfilling the safety and security factors, the pilot’s decision was very precise by deciding to postpone departure to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. All super guests (Super Air Jet passengers) were directed and returned to the waiting room at the departure terminal,” he said.