Planting green saplings together to build a beautiful Changzhou More than 500 people participated in the national voluntary tree planting activity

The spring breeze blows fresh green, and it is time to plant trees. On the afternoon of March 12, the Changzhou City Green Committee Office and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau held a provincial-level “Internet + National Voluntary Tree Planting” base – the Hengshan Bridge Citizen Voluntary Tree Planting Base, with the theme of “fulfilling tree planting obligations and building a beautiful Changzhou together”. The 2023 Changzhou National Voluntary Tree Planting – a special event for citizens, enterprises and institutions to plant trees was launched. Hundreds of families and 10 enterprises and institutions in Changzhou City jointly planted saplings and sowed hope.
It is understood that since 2011, Changzhou City has organized voluntary tree planting for 13 consecutive years, and tens of thousands of citizens have participated in greening activities at the Hengshan Bridge Citizen Voluntary Tree Planting Base. This year, Changzhou National Voluntary Tree Planting adopts the method of online registration, and appointments are made through the WeChat official account of “Changzhou National Voluntary Tree Planting”. After the opening of the online registration channel at 9:30 am on March 8, within 7 minutes, 10 enterprises, institutions and 100 households had their tree-planting quotas sold out. The families and units participating in the voluntary tree planting this time were divided into 5 batches and entered the tree planting sites one after another.
At the tree planting site, everyone worked together to dig holes with shovels and plant seedlings to fill the soil. A total of more than 500 saplings such as late cherry, privet, beech, and Chinese tallow were planted. Most of the people who came to participate in the tree planting were a family of three, and some units participated in the battle. Some students from Changzhou Tibetan Minority Middle School also participated. Yue Jianbo, the person in charge of a landscape design company in Changzhou, said that after seeing the tree planting registration information in the “Changzhou Daily”, they immediately grabbed the tree planting quota. He said: “Today happens to be the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company, and 20 people from the whole company have come. It is very meaningful to celebrate in this way.” Wang Yan’s family of three has participated in the voluntary tree planting for 7 years. She said: “March 12, 2014 is the day when my husband and I received a marriage certificate. Every year on this day, our whole family will come to participate in voluntary tree planting. It’s getting more and more prosperous.” Luo Meiqi from Class 7 (4) of Changzhou Tibetan Minority Middle School came to Changzhou to study in November last year, and this year is her first time participating in tree planting activities. Luo Meiqi said: “It is the duty of every citizen to love greenery, plant greenery and protect greenery. I hope to do my best to plant small saplings, turn barren hills into lush green hills, and make Changzhou more and more prosperous. more and more beautiful.”
According to reports, in addition to participating in offline voluntary tree planting, the general public, enterprises and institutions can also participate in online green space and tree adoption. Just follow the WeChat official account of “Changzhou National Voluntary Tree Planting” to participate in green tree adoption and realize ” Cloud tree planting” and “code” are responsible; at the same time, through eight responsible forms of tree identification, plant planting, flower cultivation, green space management and protection, horticultural flower arrangement, science lectures, and hanging bird cages, tree planting obligations can be fulfilled, so that love green, The awareness of ecological civilization of planting and protecting green has become a common practice in the city.

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