“Ple-Nakorn Silachai” posted on Instagram recounting the event Used to hit a shirt hanger with his son, “Nong Orka,” promised to never do it

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It’s a family that always sees only a good mood and brings smiles to fans. For family Silachai But most recently, a great father Ple Nakorn Has posted a birthday wish for Nong Orca via personal Instagram And told the incident that he had decided to hit the ball with a hanger for punishment But had to shed tears on both sides

“Pa, sorry …. I will not do this to my children anymore .. enough to use violence.

On Monday, September 28th, Dad called Orca to talk … asked if Orca together with a friend to prank the second grade until crying. Orca admits that yes .. it’s good to confess (we always teach 4 things that we want to do anything Do your best, but do not make others in trouble, do not make others sad, our duty is to make others happy)

Then Dad, I would like permission to punish my child by hitting it with a hanger 2 times. ”Okay .. Tears started to fill the sockets because all the children knew that if Dad asked to punish by hitting it hard … until a long time. One time a year) Phae !!! …. 1st time Orca remained silent, and tears began to flow. Pia No. 2 Orka let go … June stood there watching, crying after her child … Dad put down the clothes hanger and walked to another room to cry.

The following day, the parents of Orca School submitted a retrospective report written by Orca on World peace Day on September 21 (before Dad punished 1 week). .. ”If we see someone with no friends to play with We have to play with him, ”and another message Orca wrote. “If we see someone with an issue We have to go in and stop them from having an affair. “

After reading the message that Orca finished Dad secretly cried again. From now on, I would like to promise Dad will not use violence. Will no longer be punished by hitting the ball, no matter how wrong it is. We still have many other ways to make our children be good people of society ….. Papa, promise …… Happy birthday Oka, father’s love child “

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