Pokémon GO: Community Day May – Which monster do you wish for?


Of the Pokémon GO Community Day in May could bring back cool monsters and rewards. Which Pokémon do you wish for the event?
Last weekend saw the fourth Community Day in Pokémon GO. This monthly event was first presented by the developers at Niantic in January 2018. The plan is to bring together many coaches from the community. It attracts monsters with special attacks and Shiny forms. In addition, additional bonuses such as extended lock modules are activated.
Which special monster do you wish for May 2018?

The coach community is now waiting the 4th Community Day , on an announcement from Niantic. Full of anticipation you are already waiting to see which special monster will be presented at the Com-Day in May. There are many possibilities which monsters would be suitable and we would like to know what you would be most looking forward to.
So that the survey does not become confusing, we summarize a few possible com-day monsters.
Starter Pokémon like Glumanda and Schiggy would be logical. After Bisasam became the chosen Pokémon for Com-Day in March and Pikachu opened the events in January, we expect that Niantic will eventually unlock Glumanda and Schiggy. Would you be happy about these monsters?

Karpador for the Community Day? Karpador has played an important role in the past of Pokémon GO. It was the first Shiny that unlocked Niantic in the game. Although Shiny Karpador has been in play since March 2017, not every coach has a dazzling specimen. Your wish for the Com Day in May?

Larvitar or Machollo as important raid components. In raids, strong Machomei or Despotar are popular with the coaches. Even as a non-legendary Pokémon, they play an important role in raids and battles and could be popular on a community day.
Source: PokéWiki
Evoli at Community Day – A feast for collectors. Evoli is already a valuable monster with its many developments. It can be in Aquana, Blitza, Flamara respectively Psiana or Nachtara develop. Now imagine these Shiny possibilities.

Sweet Extase with Taubsi or Rattfratz? Taubsi are already being diligently groomed by EXP collectors to be part of a mass development session. Rattfratz collect coaches to complete the medal or on a strange Raid trip to go. In your opinion, would this “little” Pokémon be a good pick for the Community Day in May?
Source: Pokéwiki

If you do not see a survey here, please deactivate any plug-ins.
Is your desired Pokémon for the 5th Community Day not in the survey? Then just write it in the comments. With so much choice, we could not take any consideration of any Pokémon, but limited ourselves to those who seem logical to us.
Pokémon GO-Update 0.99.2 is on its way towards you with these changes


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