After several days of teasing, Niantic finally launched its new Team Rocket event in Pokémon GO. Things get serious with the arrival of the leaders of the band.

The trainers are invited to carry out the new special study "Tapi in the darkness". The goal is to find "mysterious elements" by beating Team GO Rocket henchmen to make a Rocket Radar, useful for scanning the area and finding out where the band leaders are hiding. After triumphing over Cliff, Sierra, Arlo and their Dark Pokémon, Professor Willow will give you the Super Radar Rocket, needed to flush out Giovanni. If you can beat him, you can save a legendary Dark Pokémon.

In parallel with this event, remember that Cobaltium is present in the five-star raids until November 26th.

Pokémon GO: Team Rocket is back with a special study

Pokémon GO: Team Rocket strikes again

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