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Two months after the release of the game, Pokémon Masters finally expands its scenario with 3 new chapters! If you play daily, these new chapters will be very easy to finish with Pokémon level 100. But if you do not have a team at the maximum level, it can be more complicated for you. That's why we have extended our complete Pokémon Masters walkthrough with three new guides!

We start with chapter 19. There is only one fight to do, with Lucario and Raichu, you should very well get away!

Chapter 20 is much longer, but with dark Pokémon and water like Demolosse and Aligatueur, everything will be fine.

Finally, there is the short chapter 21 which happens in the equivalent of the Pokémon league. You have just won the Legendary Kalem with his Psystigri, a very good psychedelic Pokémon. Accompany him with a Flying Pokémon like Bazoukan or Roucarnage and you'll shine, for sure.

Finally, do not forget to log into the game every day. At this moment, you will earn about 400 gems a day just by opening the application. Also remember to finish the event "An elegant flower" before November 14th. We have written a guide to help you overcome Percila and Symbios.

Complete Guide to Pokémon Masters

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