Police detain 65 people in protests over death of young man during manhunt

At least 65 people have been arrested during the riots in Belgium following the death of a 19-year-old boy during a police car chase. Incidents have occurred in the Anderlecht municipality, in the urban area of ​​Brussels, despite the confinement imposed by the Belgian authorities, reports the Belgian news agency.

On Saturday the Police detained 43 people during the riots, which continued overnight and on Sunday. During the same they were several vehicles burned down, explained a police spokeswoman.

It all started with the death of a young man after the collision between his moped and a police car during a chase on Friday afternoon, according to Belgian. In response, groups of people took to the streets on Sunday to protest.

The situation worsened when the Police intervened to dissolve the groups formed and the protesters they threw stones against officers during “extremely tense” clashes, according to Belgian RTBF television.


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