Police officer not armed in the schools of Nice: a union s'is a concern, the City replica


The presence of municipal police officers not armed within a few schools of Nice goes so well be experienced.

>> READ it again. the there will be a police officer in every school of Nice (but it will not be armed)

A decision criticised by the trade Union of defense of municipal police officers, who regrets not having been consulted.

But the MPRR is concerned primarily for the safety of the municipal police officer on duty in the school in the event of a terrorist attack. “It is clear that in case of a terrorist attack in a school, the police officer will be a privileged target of the terrorist, who without any means of defense will not respond,” writes the president of the union in a press release.

And added: “The intended effect was of a very high probability of being zero, in addition to the fact that it places the Police in a situation that is uncomfortable.”

“The trade union is not representative”

An attack in which the municipality did not take long to replicate. the “The City of Nice has been working with the State and the trade unions on the terms and conditions of this experimentation. It seeks in any event to accompany the management teams of the schools, as well as personnel, in the missions of security and safety of buildings, which are increasingly significant and time-consuming, so that they can concentrate only on the well-being of children. It is therefore good to relieve staff of tasks that undue, for which they have not received appropriate training.”

And pulling up to red cannon balls on the MPRR: “The union opposes this measure is not representative: it does not sit within the advisory board of the municipal police force, recognized by the Ministry of the Interior. He opposed for many years all the initiatives of the City of Nice (…) without actually knowing the subjects. Jumble, this union is against the brigade, riding, against the successive directions of the municipal police, against the application Reporty, against the facial recognition…”

A systematic opposition which irritates: “We call on everyone to take into account the risk that weighs today on the schools, which are now also targets for Daesh, and wait for the result of this experiment, unique in France, rather than seek to reject it outright for simple ideological reasons.”

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