Pope, thanks to the Poles, they opened borders and hearts – World

The Pope, in the general audience, thanked the Poles: “You were the first to support Ukraine, opening your borders, your hearts and the doors of your homes to Ukrainians fleeing the war. You are offering generously to Ukraine. they have everything necessary so that they can live in dignity, despite the drama of the moment. I am deeply grateful and I bless you from my heart! “. Pope Francis especially remembered the elderly in these hours in shelters to escape the bombs. Then he thanked one of the speakers, the people who summarized his catechesis in various languages ​​in the Wednesday general audience.

“This Franciscan friar, who is now a speaker in Polish, is Ukrainian. His parents are currently in underground shelters to defend themselves from the bombs in a place near Kiev and he continues to do his duty here with us. him, we accompany all the people who are suffering from the bombings, their elderly parents and many elderly people who are underground to defend themselves. We carry the memory of this people in our hearts and thanks to you – Pope Francis concluded addressing the friar – to continue your job”.


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