City employees in Wyoming were surprised when they found something unusual that grew in the community of potted plants – real pot.

The city of Powell, Wyoming, is home to some cheeky joke biscuits that plant marijuana seeds in city-owned flower pots this spring. City workers then unknowingly took care of the plants, reports the Powell Tribune.

Park and recreation staff noticed the distinctive-looking leaves last month as they took care of the pots. A planter with flowering potted plants was even near the police station, reports the Tribune.

City Park and Leisure Superintendent Del Barton said the staff hunted down two suspicious plants and took them to the local police. Another plant was found a few days later. And Barton said workers believe there might be others.

Police chief Roy Eckerdt told the Tribune that the surprise plants were "someone's sense of humor." When Eckerdt heard of the special greening of the planters, he quickly examined the pots in front of the police station for marijuana.

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