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Pregnant left alone at the station

A police operation for the failed deportation of a pregnant woman from Iran has an aftermath. The county councilor of Mainz-Bingen, Dorothea Schaefer (CDU), acknowledged errors in the police action: Both the nightly pickup from the University Hospital in Mainz and the handling of the young mother in Hanover must be reconsidered, she said.

According to its own statements, the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Integration intends to discuss the further course of action with the responsible Immigration Office "so that a viable solution can be developed together".

The 29-year-old, her husband, who had been brought from the Ingelheim detention center, and a son of one and a half years of age were brought to Hanover by two police buses and an ambulance from Mainz on October 17-18. According to the Dublin regulation, the family was to be taken to Croatia, where she had first been registered after her escape from Iran.

At the airport, however, the family refused to enter the machine ordered by the federal police in Koblenz to Zagreb, said the head of the immigration office Mainz-Bingen, Bernd Mißkampf. The resistance of the family was so violent that the pilot refused to carry it.

100 euros for train tickets, food and drink

Then the father was driven back to Ingelheim Detention Center. The Iranian woman and her son were brought to the station in Hanover by the police, according to Mißkampf, and left to pay for themselves with a so-called fine of 100 euros under the return guidelines.

She was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a light winter jacket and slippers, the head of the department said. "She did not want to wear closed shoes." According to a report of the "Allgemeine Zeitung", a railway employee issued the mother the missing amount of five euros for the ticket and gave her additional money to buy something to eat. The woman then followed the requirement to return to her home in Ingelheim (Mainz-Bingen district).

"You have to talk about this procedure," said Landrat Schäfer. She met with representatives of the police on Monday to discuss the expiry of the failed deportation. "Of course, that will not leave you cold," the district counselor said and announced that she would discuss the process in the district council.

The Ministry of Integration attaches great importance to the special humanitarian situation of the affected family, explained a spokesman. "Especially since the affected pregnant mother is in need of good medical care because of her diabetes."

For the authorities in the district Mainz-Bingen the legal situation is clear. "We have the enforceable duty to leave, we have no compelling reasons for acquiescence," said Mißkampf. The rejection of the asylum application by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees was, according to his statements, based on the Dublin Regulation, a possible persecution of the family in Iran was therefore not examined.


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