Sunday, May 26, 2019
Home Entertainment Pregnant with his companion Thomas Vergara, Nabilla reveals on the social networks...

Pregnant with his companion Thomas Vergara, Nabilla reveals on the social networks some images of his sonography!

You had already announced, Nabilla is expecting her first child with Thomas Vergara! And the young woman has just unveiled on Instagram some images of an ultrasound! "OMG I'm happy," Nabilla wrote in her story.

In an interview with Paris Match, the young woman recently confided: "We grew up together, it was a long way, and today we are trying to be better people for our child." And Thomas added: "Since October, we calculated everything! It did not work, we did not understand. Nabilla was doing a pregnancy test every day! When it finally arrived, we were like crazy."

When asked how Nabilla will explain to her child that she hurt her father, before going to jail, she answers: We will use this drama to prove to him that he has strong parents, who have faced all the tests. And when everything seems insurmountable to him, we will say to him: "If we succeeded, you can succeed too."
Thomas adds: "With our child, we will do as we do, we will not talk about this catastrophic drama, but if he asks us, we will explain to him that someday Mom and Dad had a big fight, that they are gone to the "end of the end" and that, sometimes, love stories slip, it happens to people who really love each other, our child will see that we are apart, he is a child of love, it's undeniable, I think he'll understand. "


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