Prepa online SEP 2022 Where can I enroll?

Prepa online SEP 2022, has already opened its call for those who want to finish their studies.

The SEP 2022 online high school is an innovative and free educational service in which you can study your high school, as mentioned by the official Education portal of the Government of Mexico.

In addition to emphasizing that the online high school course can be taken wherever you are and at the time you want.

Taking the baccalaureate online will have official validation and is taught anywhere in the Mexican country.

If you are interested in resuming your studies, here we tell you how to do the SEP 2022 online high school and where to register.

Prepa online SEP 2022 Where can I enroll?
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Where can I register for SEP 2022 Online High School?

Through the official page, registration was opened last Monday, May 9, where it is mentioned that it is the 2nd Registration Process for the 2022 Prepa online-SEP call.

What requirements do I have to submit to enroll in online high school?

According to the official page, the requirements that will be requested will be the following:

  • Have your birth certificate and CURP handy.
  • High school certificate.
  • Provide two emails, which are valid and not used by other students.
  • Have Mexican nationality.

Until when can I register for the SEP online high school?

Likewise, in the official information, it is indicated that those interested in this course for the online baccalaureate, will have to register before May 20.

Since this day will be the last to register, or when the applications are filled, which are 25 thousand seats.

Studying high school online has had good results, according to information from the SEP, 50 thousand students have obtained their certificate.

Likewise, if you want to know more information about SEP 2022 online high school, here we leave you its official page.