Presidential 2022: in Toulouse, Valérie Pécresse between Zemmour and Chirac

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The president of the Ile-de-France Region, Valérie Pécresse, is in Toulouse this Tuesday, September 28. She requested the support of the mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, for the presidential election of 2022 and participated in the baptism of Avenue Jacques-Chirac.

She has the speech of the Republicans, the codes of the Republicans and the activists of the Republicans… And yet Valérie Pécresse is “Free! », The microparty that it created in 2019 to run for regional and presidential elections.
The president of the Ile-de-France Region was this Tuesday noon in Toulouse, place du Capitole, for a meeting with some LR and Free supporters! at an outdoor cafe. A rose, a few selfies and at the microphone, his program for the Elysee Palace in front of local LR officials: Laurence Arribagé, Pierre Esplugas, Bertrand Serp, Sacha Briand… all elected to the Capitol. Valérie Pécresse must also convince the mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, close to Edouard Philippe, to support him: “With Jean-Luc we are on the same right, she said, and I appreciated the fight he led here, like me in Ile-de-France, against a left which has lost its compass ”. For her, “the ecology of the real, of the concrete, is the right.” She also defends security, family and education, pleads for “a national educational leap” and proposes to increase the net salary of the French by 10%.

“The difference between Zemmour and me is that I refuse any alliance with the extreme right”

She defines herself as the “candidate to do” and will comply with the internal designation process of LR, during the congress on December 4. “For the moment people are interested in the agitators of ideas but the closer we get to the vote, the more they will be interested in the doers.”
A young activist of Eric Zemmour asks her if the polemicist can constitute an alternative, she answers him with a heartbroken smile: “The difference between Eric Zemmour and me, is that I do not want an alliance with the extreme. law. It is an intangible border. History is not falsified. When I hear that Pétain saved Jews, I invite him to reread the history of France ”.
Valérie Pécresse ended her trip to Toulouse with a last symbol, by participating alongside Claude Chirac in the baptism of avenue Jacques-Chirac, on the former boulevard des Crêtes.

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